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0845 numbers from telecommuncations company Global Telecom : It is a recorded fact that if you offer an excellent telephone service to customers, 50% of them will recommend your company to someone else. Keeping an existing customer is 5 times cheaper than recruiting a new one. Providing your customer with an 0845 local rate number gives them the feeling your'e on their doorstep and are more approachable. The caller pays a local rate call from anywhere in the country and you pay for part of the call. It enables you to have a local presence and is less expensive than a freephone number. No line rental. No connection fee and per second billing.

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Peak rate 0.5p per minute

One month contract with one month notice period

0845 number codes are special numbers in which the business receiving the call shares the revenue generated with the telecommunications network. 0845 numbers tend to be easier for customers to remember and provide them with a service that allows them to pay local call costs from anywhere in the country.

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