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Global Telecom has business partnerships with several top carriers and so are able to obtain quotes from each carrier and provide you with the best options on the market today.
We are independent resellers and so can offer good, unbiased advice.

We can currently supply leased lines from the following carriers :

Thus (Demon), BT, Cable & Wireless and Colt.

Leased lines provide a good cost effective way of accessing the internet. The fixed annual charge means that you can budget in advance, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what your internet access will cost.
There is just a single annual charge with no connection and no data transfer charges.

Leased lines are useful for companies expecting high levels of usage and / or wanting to give access to a number of users. A leased line provides a far more cost-effective
connectivity solution than more traditional ones such as ISDN or modems.

Leased lines are continually monitered (unlike ADSL) to ensure the very highest levels of availability. In the unlikely event of a problem a 24x7 help line is available with a technical expert for immediate assistance. Customer connections are usually monitered 24 hours a day.

The costs for leased line internet access will vary depending on the distance between the customer's site and the nearest internet presence point. To provide a quote for your particular needs, our internet consultants will liaise with our business partners.

Our approved supliers provide 'always-on' internet access across a range of bandwidths to suit your needs.

  • Choice of bandwidths, from 64kbps to 500mb (megabytes), for increased speed and resilience.
  • Leased line originating in the UK to any location in the world.
  • Short-term or long-term contracts.
  • Monthly or annual payments.
  • High SLA agreements.

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